Agri 120 degree Swing


A recently added machine is the Agri 120 degree swing which is a smaller post driver ideal  for the tractor range below 100hp but equally at home on a larger hp tractor. With its ability to get into tight corners or difficult to reach places due the the 120 degrees of swing, the this machine is a great tool for all farmers as well as contractors. As standard with a 300kg hammer, extras that can be fitted include rockspike and hydraulic legs. A superb machine with a compact design yet big in capability.



Agri Utility

A new product in the range, this lightweight post driver is fantastic for smaller tractors or where space is limited due to its compact width. This post driver is well suited to vineyards, orchards etc or just as useful knocking posts in on the farm or with an occasional contractor. With the same excellent build quality as the larger machines this post driver will work all day long with the precision you would expect.

Model 4 120 degree Swing

The all new Model 4 120 swing. A true contractors tool. A real beast yet still of a suitable size to be useable in all applications. Based on a Model 4, this post driver has the added ability of 120 degree swing arc to truly allow the operator to get into the tightest of corners, up banks or down slopes. Brennan agonised on the design of this machine to ensure the build was suitable to take the extra weight and movements that these increased functions  would put onto this machine, and they got it just right. This machine is extremely stable in work and in travel. This machine really is in a league of its own with nothing else on the market to touch it.

New Post Driver Launched

We are delighted to announce the addition of new model to our range, a tracked post driver which we believe is the best of its kind on the market anywhere in the world.

VectorPower Tracked Post Driver Brochure [PDF]

We’ve been working for some time to get this machine just right and it has been extensively tested in real-life fencing situations, in all kinds of conditions and on a variety of different terrains. We are confident that this self-propelled post driver will change the way you work and will improve efficiency beyond your wildest dreams. One person will now be easily capable of getting though as much work as 2-3 people using conventional equipment.

The complete fencing job can be carried out by a single operator with a single machine – from laying out fencing material and driving posts to unrolling wire and straining netting. In addition the machine will transport your posts and your hand tools.

You can work in any terrain, including extremely soft conditions without any damage or rutting to the ground surface.

Take a look at the video below for a taste of what this machine can do. If you’d like more information or to arrange to see the post driver at work, get in touch.