Vector Power Drive

4 Ton Tracked Post Driver

Tracked Post Driver 01

We are confident that this self-propelled post driver will change the way you work and will improve efficiency beyond your wildest dreams. One person will now be easily capable of getting though as much work as 2-3 people using conventional equipment.

The complete fencing job can be carried out by a single operator with a single machine – from laying out fencing material and driving posts to unrolling wire and straining netting. In addition the machine will transport your posts and your hand tools.

You can work in any terrain, including extremely soft conditions without any damage or rutting to the ground surface.

  • 400kg hammer
  • 450kg counter weight
  • 600mm sideshift
  • 350mm rearshift
  • 60mm diam HT rockspike and extractor
  • Hydraulic jack leg for rockspike extraction & to stabilise machine on uneven ground.
  • Auxiliary for post rotator
  • 3.5meter clearance under hammer
  • Nett barbed and HT wire unrolling points
  • Netting tentioner
  • External track controls
  • remote handbrake
  • emergency engine stop

Take a look at the video below for a taste of what this machine can do.