Vector Power Drive

Model 1+ Fence Post Driver

A further development of our Model 1 Post Driver, this is more robust and heavier farmer’s post driver with a solid steel hammer. Ideal for the farmer who needs more flexibility and to drive larger posts or straining posts.

Main Features

All the features of Model 1, including:

  • One person operation
  • Safety chain
  • Hammer ram neatly incorporated into main mast for life long protection


  • 380kg solid steel hammer
  • Heavy duty post cap
  • High flow valve for hammer operation
  • Hammer height adjustment
  • Double pulley system
  • Mast tilt ram and top link
  • Cranked leg stands eases coupling to tractor

Hammer height adjustment allows the hammer to travel from ground level to 12′ height without rope adjustment and a single high bank flow valve allows for precise hammer operation. The post cap slides on a static beam for maximum hammer impact.

This is a high impact machine that will drive the heaviest of straining and gate posts with ease and can readily be operated by one person.

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